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Download Pokemon X Y rom

Download Pokemon X Y rom Download Pokemon X Y rom







Download Pokemon X Y ROM now !

You’re just one step away from being able to play the newest Pokemon X and Y ROM on Computer¬†. Download Pokemon X or Y ROM for the Computer today and travel to new lands in the Kalos region of the Pokemon world where you’ll meet new rivals as well as many new Pokemon. In this Nintendo 3DS Download, you are able to do things that are brand new to the Pokemon series, such as interact with your Pokemon in ways that were never possible before. Play, train outside of battle, and even give treats to your Pokemon. Get your copy of this Pokemon X and Y game download on the 3DS today before it’s gone!

Full 3D gameplay in this Pokemon X Y Download

Unlike any other games in the main series, Pokemon X and Y feature a completely three dimensional style of game play, and 3DS modeled characters and creatures are used, rather than sprites like has always been done in the main series. The battle system is aesthetically overhauled, featuring more lively reactions to the attacks, such as when a Pokemon is being hit.


Players can now walk on an 8 directional grid, allowing diagonal movement, as opposed to the four way grid in previous games.The player now has the ability to rollerskate, at least under certain conditions, and have been shown to allow the player to grind and overcome obstacles. Gogoat and Rhyhorn can be ridden in certain locations and allow the player to interact with the environment, by destroying rocks and crossing broken paths.

Download Pokemon X Y rom

Player Search System

The Player Search System (PSS) is a multiplayer feature that allows people to connect, battle, and trade with other players through the internet. It uses the bottom screen and allows the player to search for other people playing both globally and  locally.

New types

One new type has been introduced, the Fairy type. This type was added to balance the Dragon type, which was previously only weak to itself and Ice. While it is known that Fairy-type attacks are strong against the Dragon type and weak against the Fire type, it is unknown what other types it is strong or weak against. It is also unknown what types Fairy-type Pokemon resist.

Download Pokemon X Y rom


X and Y Nintendo 3DS Download will feature Gyms like every other main series title. A Gym seen in the Nintendo Direct trailer features the female protagonist standing on a floating platform that transforms into a room. The first Gym Leader is Viola, who specializes in the Bug type. Along with her, three other Gym Leaders have been revealed.

Download Pokemon X Y romDownload Pokemon X Y rom

New Pokemon

Currently, 29 new Pokemon are confirmed for X and Y. The total number of new Pokemon that will be released is unknown at this point.The first Pokemon to be revealed were Chespin, Fennekin, Froakie, Xerneas, and Yveltal on January 8, 2013.

Mega Evolution

Different from forms, Mega Evolutions are available exclusively in battle and allow for a temporary boost in stats, in some cases changing their Abilities and types. This ability will not be available to all Pokemon. The Pokemon can transform if it is holding a Mega Stone in battle and meets another currently unannounced condition.

We got to test both downloads of Pokemon X and Y and we must say that Nintendo has REALLY stepped up to the plate for this one. They’ve implemented so many new features it feels like I’m stepping into an almost brand new Pokemon world. I haven’t felt this highly about a Pokemon game since I was 9 and playing Red version on a Gameboy Color! The graphics are revolutionary for your average Pokemon game and the whole game has a much more realistic feel to it. Download Pokemon X and Y as a ROM for your PC or as a Nintendo Club code for your 3DS! Get a hold of your download of Pokemon X and Y for FREE here before they get taken down.

Download Pokemon X Y rom

Download Pokemon X and Y Nintendo ROM for your computer for Free Now

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